End to end software for insurance companies and brokers for distributing their products online via our web applications supporting sales network and financial control of the agents


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Support of all insurance branches and transactions such as is issuance of new policy, endorsements, renewals, cancellations, green cards or else


Support of all insurance branches and transactions such as is issuance of new policy, endorsements, renewals, cancellations, green cards or else


Unlimited insurance agents sales network and commissions calculation and full financial and commissions management

Quotation with unlimited parameters and underwriting rules – instantly customizable in any amendments


Quotation with unlimited parameters and underwriting rules – instantly customizable in any amendments


Connectivity with third-party systems via APIs (web-services) such as accident care, legal protection, or country’s motor insurers’ bureau etc.

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  • A Powerful CRM with the capabilities of running an insurance company without the cost and maintenance of a server installation, while you get the highest data protection from the top companies worldwide

  • Connection via web services with insurance companies’ APIs in all branches which support pricing and issuance of a new policy and renewals

  • Data migration from your previous CRM to Script cloud platform without losing time

  • Support of sales network with sales levels and multiple ways of commission calculation such as percentage of incoming commission or percentage of premium

  • Policyholders can pay you directly from Script’s payment processing feature using a credit/debit card or Paypal payment and with instant accounting update

  • Send SMSs to your policyholders without the use of a third-party platform with scheduled SMS in renewal policies, based on nominal holidays or individual SMS as well or even tailor-made sending schedules

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  • Cloud operating platform

  • Accessibility with Smartphone and tablet

  • Payments directly by credit/debit cards or Paypal

  • Plenty of features through SMS and Email campaigns

Customer Characteristics / Features

  • Policyholders’ personal data (phones, e-mails, addresses, maps)

  • SMS texting to policyholders for marketing campaigns or alerts

  • Customer recommendation map

  • Policyholders’ documents stored in cloud storage (driver’s license, car registration, copy of the policy) and instant access from any device via browser

  • Emails and SMS texts to policyholders regarding the renewals, marketing reasons and other features.

  • Set appointments, tasks or reminders in a personal diary

  • Automatic SMS texting to Policyholders’ birthday, name day and other special dates needed.

Policy Characteristics / Features

  • Support for all insurance branches and objects

  • Complete and utter control over branches, covers and insurers for any amendments, erasures

  • Commissions calculated by company, coverage, package or use.

  • Exporting Excel or PDF reports for subsequent editing of all search history

  • Monitoring policy’s shipping delivery

  • Monitoring expiring policies daily in the dashboard

Batch import

  • Importing policy file process from all insurers

  • Importing all policy categories (policies, renewals, endorsements, green cards, etc.)

  • Commission calculation by the importing process or by the Insurer.

  • Automatic existing policyholder match to avoid duplicates

Sales network

  • Unlimited sales network levels

  • Calculate bonus commissions separately for each partner or equal for all

  • Calculate bonus commissions on a percentage of incoming commission and/or commission of policy’s premium.

  • Email of daily/monthly premiums and commissions directly to the affiliate for all collaborators

  • Automatic sending of email with Outstanding policies per agent


  • Collection from policyholders in various payment options (cash, bank transfers, checks, credit/debit cards, etc.)

  • Payments to insurance companies (cash, bank transfers, checks, credit/debit cards, etc.)

  • Policy Renewal notice emails

  • Bank APIs connectivity for payment updates

  • Issuance and collection receipts for agents in all branches

  • Linking accounting by transaction type for third party accounting software connectivity

  • Summarized reports that make easier accounting agreements

  • Locked off function for closed accounts

Policyholder User Profile

  • Connectivity with the agent’s website and allow the client to access his portfolio

  • Monitoring policies’ expiration date

  • Monitoring of transactions – billing information

  • Create bank e-payment codes on the policy holders payment notice

  • Collection of premiums with credit/debit card and Paypal


  • Numerous reporting services available for sending to policyholders and agents

  • Ability to produce tailormade reports

  • Search in all customer and policy fields

  • Shortcut search bar function

  • SMS and Email support in all kind of report statements

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