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Script is a spin-off company founded by gathering and utilizing the 35-year experience of its executives in the insurance field. Script develops business application software for the insurance industry, and specializes in CRM, claims, collection management and support and network satisfaction by providing solutions to all channels of distribution.

All software is web-based, with special emphasis on the development of convenient and user friendly applications, fully compatible with tablets and smartphones. All services support integration with third-party systems by using web services.


Insurance Comparative Rater

All-in-one policy administration and insurance processing system designed for insurers and insurance executives managing a network or agency. It maximizes sales opportunities by turning every quote to cross-selling.


Essential credit check tool for insurers and brokers who want to offer their products securely online at minimum costs.

Direct Online Sales

A fully web-enabled software platform that meets all the needs of today’s new age professionals. Direct online sales is using web technology that allows a new insurance product to be launched within just a few weeks and be available for purchase very quickly, regardless of the product and the distribution channels responsible for marketing it.

Automatic Repayment

Revolutionary web-based software that links corporate bank accounts with premium payments, to allow for immediate repayment of policies, in less than a minute. Automatic Repayment is an advanced software solution for a truly automated payment service, designed to allow for immediate online repayments 24/7 and SMS & email confirmation to partners. With Automatic Repayment partners work Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere.

Portfolio Management

New age insurance portfolio system that allows insurers and independent agents to track, monitor, analyze, and manage their sales portfolios faster and most efficient.


Comprehensive solution for insurers and insurance brokerages & agents, that allows for actuarial reporting, capital reserve performance monitoring and won/loss ratio tracking. The solution is built on modern architecture, which provides for web and mobile access, and a very flexible platform for making changes.

Claims Management

Single platform solution for all claim types and involved parties. A single system that provides associates with the opportunity to improve synchronization, reduce claim process time and reimbursement and access consolidated claims data. This configurable software enables more accurate and consistent monitoring of claims.

Roadside Assistance

The ideal software to manage the requirements and workings of modern Roadside Assistance Companies. The software allows providers to execute sophisticated road assistance, synchronize services and keeping track of all the destinations where they have to provide assistance, by catering all requirements in an all in one database, fully compatible with tablets and smartphones.


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